LTD Audio/Video Forensics.

We specialize in the forensic service of digital Audio/Video evidence analysis & processing for MVARS/COBAN and other KEY recorded source files. LTD Forensics provides a National, Neutral & Independent, technical service. LTD Forensics offers an initial FREE over-the-phone case consultation. Be aware that there is a wide range of raw source file recording quality. Content processing results are contingent upon quality of source file.

The evidential value of raw recorded audio/video is a substantial obstacle. Utilizing digital A/V forensics is a critical tool.

Sources of raw audio/video, by nature, are difficult to analyze. Recorded scene complexity, overlapping audio channels, volatile dynamic range, potential content manipulation, and background noise, are all problematic variables.

With audio/video extraction and enhancement, processed with world-class DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations), multiple audio feeds are separated & isolated, background noise is dramatically reduced, volume is equalized, maximized, and dialogs between law enforcement, witnesses, and subjects may be dramatically enhanced.

LTD services provide a valuable tool for unlocking murky legal evidence to strengthen cases.

Please contact LTD for a consultation. We may be able to reveal decisive evidence.